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Our Silver plan is our most affordable pest mgmt program for eliminating insects and rodents that commonly enter your home. Initially an interior and exterior inspection and treatment will be performed for target pests as well as pests found during the inspection. Exterior perimeter treatment will be performed on every service for control of over 32 insects and rodents. We guarantee our work with our return free pledge.

* 4 services per year option (quarterly)

* Exterior perimeter treatment, exterior spider dewebbing, and exterior rodent prevention performed every service.

*Easily combined with the Flea and Tick program* addition charges apply.

*$40 per month for 4 services per year (quarterly)  

*Interior return free pledge* Restrictions apply

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Our Gold plan provides all of the same extensive treatments and coverages that our Silver plan provides exterior perimeter control for spiders, insects, and rodents but we would also install exterior tamper resistant termite monitoring stations in the soil around your home. These termite monitoring stations will be checked during every service (4 times per year) and provide an early detection system for Termites so that a colony can be detected before Termites can damage your biggest investment.

*4 services per year (quarterly) option 

* Exterior perimeter treatment, exterior spider dewebbing, and exterior rodent prevention performed every service.

* Easily combined with our Flea and Tick program* additional fees apply

*Termite monitoring

Starting at $50 per month for 4 services per year (quarterly)


Our Platinum service plan is our premier level service providing the highest levels of treatments and coverages for insects, rodents, and termites. This plan includes an in ground termite colony elimination system that is installed in tamper resistant bait stations placed in the soil around your home. This bait is always working providing a constant 24/7 365 day termite coverage around your biggest investment. These stations will be checked for activity and refilled as needed on every service. When you factor in the premier level service for insects and rodents then you also add a 24/7 termite treatment which is always working it's easy to see this is our most trusted program to cover your home and provide peace of mind.
*4 services per year (quarterly) option and 6 services per year (every other month) options available.
*Exterior rodent service, exterior spider dewebbing, and exterior perimeter treatment performed every service.
*Easily combined with our Flea and Tick program* Additional fees apply
* 24/7 365 termite coverage
* $65 per month for 4 services per year (quarterly) and $75 per month for 6 services per year (every other month)  

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What We Provide

Bed Bug Services

Bedbugs are not only a physical pest nuisance but also can be a mental health issue as well. We use chemical controls for bedbugs providing a 2 treatment process over the span of 2 weeks. Visual bed bug inspections will be performed by our own in house experts and we can also use the most affective inspection method which is K-9s. We use a 3rd party K9 so there is no conflict of interest for the results.

*Priced individually based on method and size of treatment.

*Warranty provided.

*Bulk discounts  


Mosquito and Tick Program

Mosquitos and Ticks are active from early spring to late fall, and that is why our program is designed to eliminate them during this time frame. On the initial service we will survey your property to find where these lawn pests are breeding and resting. We will then use specialized equipment to treat these areas. Areas of standing water will be eliminated, treated, or you'll be made aware of these areas if the fix is more complex.

Monthly Service: 8 Services per year from March to October.

Starting at $49 per service ($392) Annually.

Return free pledge* Exclusions apply

Pest Control

Commercial Pest Program

All commercial facilities are different and have different needs. We have experience with all types from offices to convenience stores, to a full scale food production plant. Initially we will survey your property and discuss your needs with you to develop a custom plan for each site.

*Fully customizable program including frequency and scope of service.

*Starting at $35 per service 

Termite Control
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I've had the best experience with Warrior Pest. Wonderful customer experience and they knew our school needs and catered the service to what our business needs.

Sheeba - The Goddard School of Marriottsville

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